Tournament Rules



Under 12s

No head shots at all.
Body Armour is compulsory for Under 10s
Light Contact only. (Referees discretion)

13 and Over

Full Contact.

6 -17 years old

Head Guards must be worn (only approved head guards are allowed we ask that you bring your own, if your head guard is not approved one will be provided)  No Spinning Back Fists. You will be disqualified if you land a spinning back fist. If you throw one and it misses you will have a point taken off.


Spinning Back Fists are allowed. If you land a Spinning backfist with anything other than the back of your fist you will be disqualified. Head Guards ‘NOT’ Compulsory (If one wears both wear)

All Bouts

You can Clinch – Knee – Release. Any more than 1 strike in the Clinch will result in a warning, if you continue to throw more than 1 strike after being warned you will have a point deducted. You can not turn or throw your opponent in the clinch. You can Catch Kicks as long as you strike immediately or release. If you Strike you have to then immediately release. You can not Travel (This is not Muay Thai). You can Catch the Kick and kick away/sweep the standing leg. No teeps/stamps to the lead leg.

The referees decision is final.